Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Chocolate Covered Peppermint Marshmallows

Remember these from last technically may have been this year but you know what I mean.  I said something like "you can bet I'll be making these babies next Christmas."  But December came and I forgot!  One night I was snooping around my own blog (such a nerd but sometimes it's fun to see where we were a year ago) and I found that post.  My mouth began to remember and water.  For inspiration I searched images for the recipe (what can I say?  I'm very visual) and found this beautiful tutorial.  Aren't your taste buds simply aching to make this!

I splurged and bought three bags of mallows and two semi-sweet chocolate chips (the candy canes were already at home - I needed 14 of them). This made just over 100 confections.  Not quite candy, more than a cookie...  When you indulge just try and remember it is puffed sugar dipped in chocolate sugar covered in peppermint sugar.  Whoa!


Plenty for gifts, parties and some snacking for those late-night wrapping sessions.


We still have gifts to make but the shopping is done!  The gift wrapping sessions begin tonight but the homemade gifts are still being cranked out.  I still would like to make some paper wreaths, lemon curd and homemade version of Bailey's Irish Cream.  Hey, I still have three days!

Tonight our advent activity is to dine by Christmas and candlelight.   The kids have gathered candles and plugged in all the lights.   We are waiting for daddy to come home so we can eat supper.  (We are having this tonight!  Yum!)

How is the Christmas season looking at your place?

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