Monday, December 5, 2011

Deck of Cards - Christmas Advent Calendar 2011

I'm not a big fan of leftovers (unless of course it involves the take out kind and even then it usually doesn't make it to the morning).  So even though I meticulously saved my advent calendar from last year, I knew deep down I couldn't use it.  Again with literally hours before December was to begin I gathered some supplies and headed my little studio in search of some inspiration.  Want to see what I came up with?  No fancy tools or punches, with the most ordinary of supplies... just a glue gun, stickers and a deck of cards.

The stickers were free (the kind that come in mailings) and I stuck them to card stock and cut them out.  I added a bit of dimension with wood circles so the stickers seem to pop out.   Add random bits of twine, ribbon and buttons and they were finished.  Then I glued clothes pins to a old piece of fence (yet another purpose for that fence) and clipped on the cards.  On the back of each of the cards is the activity for the day.  We tried to remember all of our activities from last year but couldn't of course.  That is one reason a blog is wonderful.  I used all the ideas from last year plus a few new ones.

  • pack and eat a red and green lunch
  • make a paper prayer chain
  • make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and frosting
  • go for a chilly walk outside and warm up with cocoa after
  • purchase toys to donate
  • camp out under the Christmas tree
  • send a package to a friend 

The cards are not even hung yet, (I was excited and hung them just for these few shots) awaiting a planning and scheduling session for the parents, but the kids are already asking if they can turn today's card.  I love to see that kind of excitement.  To spend time with each other, to unplug from all the technology around us.  To choose quality time over empty minutes.  To get this family back on track, away from the consumerism and the wants.  To fill this Christmas season with sweet little moments that cause us to pause and to hope to never forget.

p.s. I think these would make adorable mini Christmas cards to hand out this year!  What do you think?


Hey all! We joined up with the fun at Homestead Revival. Please join us:


  1. Love it Jackie! You out did yourself this year.

  2. This is SUCH a cute idea! The cards are adorable. I am going to have to do something like this next Christmas!


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