Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Little Boy's Cars

Wade amazes me. His love for cars is so boy. We didn't have to teach him. Daily he plays the majority of the time over and over with his cars. I am not talking about baby cars. Little plastic toddler toys. I am talking big boy cars. Gary has been collecting hot wheels, motorcycles, and large scale metal cars for years. Corey kept some of them in boxes & on shelves when he lived in West Virginia. Somehow Wade was given or shown these cars when he could just sit up and it has been all he has wanted ever since. Other things casually distract but the cars are ever there.

Cars: they fill my life and follow me around. Wade brings you them to play with him. Car noises are a must and are made quite routinely. The other night it was priceless as Wade came and got Gary and myself out of the kitchen and into the living room. He used the only forms of communication he knows... his "help" sign and his "more" sign. As we followed him into the living room he proudly led us to his large model cars that he had lined up neatly and purposefully on the hutch our TV sits on. It was amazing, awesome, and so boy. We stopped everything to play cars with him. I just marvel how his imagination is forming. 

I want for Wade to have a wonderful childhood, filled with imagination and play. Just like mine was and I LOVED my box of cars. I even had a plastic city play mat that I drove them on. I see Wade enjoying cars for a long time in it the future. I will have to see about making him his own play mat! What are your kid's favorite toys?

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