Monday, September 17, 2012

What the Economic Crisis Really Means - And What We Can Do About It

Yes, ANOTHER video for you to watch. I would really appreciate your thoughts and feed back. I know our system has and is collapsing. Our little family even feels the affects of that. I don't have such an optimistic view as this video of a future Utopian society... at least not until Christ returns. My faith tells me there WILL be such a Utopian society on Earth but frankly things get a lot worse before they get better. I do think community, local projects, and technology mentioned such as 3D printers are amazing. Money is worthless we just haven't realized it... so what can we do to change things around? Is it possible? Clearly we can work to live within our means, live debt free, share what we have, repurpose, reuse, recycle, etc. Can we do more in the mist of a crisis? 

My passion remains with food. It is hard to explain but I want to help grow food. To feed my family and make some additional income to help take such a heavy burden off of Gary but also to feed the hungry and needy. What are your thoughts on this video? Are things getting worse or better? What is your family doing to prepare for harder times?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Food Stamped: Watch for Free One Week Only!

Did you know that September 2012 is hunger action month? Did you know that 49 MILLION Americans face hunger daily? That is 1 in 6 people - 1 in 5 children. **Wow**. Let that sink in. Someone and their KIDS are hungry in your neighborhood. I just don't know what to do with that number. With the rampant increase in diet related health problems in our country it is easy to see the correlation. Cheap food doesn't equal good-for-you food. 

Husband and wife Yoav and Shira Potash, in their documentary "Food Stamped", take a look at whether or not it is possible to eat healthy on food stamps. With $50.00 a week for two people, a dollar per person per meal, they shop for organic ingredients for a full seven day period. Is it possible to eat healthy, real food? Watch to find out (free until Saturday). If you have the money please support this film or any number of food related causes. One thing is for sure: eating healthy requires time, knowledge, access and of course good planning.

I have thought of our family as frugal and wise with our food dollars (with room for improvement of course) spending $100-$150 roughly every week for five people but now I feel pushed farther to be even "thriftier". To increase my efforts if you will. Here is a family that spends only $100 a month on food and they chronicle their choices on their blog "One Hundred Dollars a Month". Transforming their food budget from $800+ monthly to just $100 a month in four years is pretty impressive. Granted browsing through their blog this evening did revival some food choices that real foodie snobs would turn up their noses at I give them huge props for what they are achieving. Looking for more you can do right now? Visit Hunger Action Month for ideas.

I need time to digest what I just watched, how it affected me, and what I am going to do about it. Clearly 2 a.m. is not the time for that but I wanted to watch the film in it's entirety before I recommended you do the same. I think it is more than worth it though. 

Let's all think heavily on this issue. It shouldn't be one that we just glance at and ignore. How do you make your money go far in this really rocky economy? What do you think we should do to help feed America's hungry? Until next time.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Farmer's Market Booth Envy

Maize Valley Winery  Farmer's Market Truck

Um... a picture is worth a thousand words. Enough said. Gary this is my dream for future farmer's markets. Make it happen honey!

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