Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebrating Christmas All Month Long : Advent Calendar

Oh December! I want to love you with your holidays, family get togethers and feasts. But every year you bring me such stress. Its really my fault with trying to squeeze in so much into so few days. Rather than waiting until January to wonder where you have gone, I will choose now to intentionally celebrate you ALL MONTH LONG!

There are so many gorgeous advent calendars out there! Some of my favorites are this one and this one... I have good intentions of making something amazing like that but with December days, literally hours away, I knew I needed to act quickly. I did a quick assessment of what I had on hand and I quietly vowed not to let my perfectionism get the best of me.

And here's what this blue house has hanging over our fireplace this Christmas season!

Its as simple as 4.5" X 6.5" cardstock rolled into a cone shape and held with a dot of hot glue. I printed numbers on water color paper and cut them with a scalloped punch. The frame is a painting covered in scrap fabric!

The absolute best part is what is inside the cones...simple activities for us to do as a family.
  1. Read every Christmas themed story we have in our library for bedtime.
  2. Peppermint hot chocolate!
  3. Make graham cracker houses
  4. Watch a classic Christmas movie
  5. Put together and send a package to a friend
  6. Bake! Bake! Bake!
  7. Stamp and paint our own wrapping paper
  8. Go to the kids Christmas program at church
  9. Decorate the tree
  10. Go on a drive to marvel at light displays
... and other fun stuff! Things that I always say we are going to do but we never really do it. On Sundays there will also be scripture for us to read as a family tracing the story of Jesus' birth, which of course is the real meaning of the season! My whole goal is to really embrace December instead of just watching this happy month slip by. I want to choose each day to live and celebrate intentionally.

How about it? I want to challenge you to get away from the commercialism and hype of the holidays and focus on family! (a homemade advent calender is a super place to start!) Two blue houses wants to help and we will be posting a bunch of ways to celebrate and give intentionally this season! And these posts are not simply posts, friends. This is how we live our life. Get on board!

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