Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The New Lives of Old Fencing

I was wandering around the house the other afternoon, procrastinating I'm sure, I noticed something. Fencing. And all the ways a neighbors torn down fencing has made a second home around here.

You have seen it as a trellis...

A garden shed...

Gate for our (now empty) chicken coop...

Plant markers in the herb garden...

Two rustic signs, patiently waiting for inspiration to be painted...

And the newest addition: a glider, when the old cushions died the bench was empty for far too long. The project was attempted after dark (which explains the odd and uneven spacing of the planks) and a new seat was added to the farm. (Ha! like I ever sit...)

It is gratifying to see something that was perceived as trash to be used again in so many useful and beautiful ways. Projects like these speak recycling softly and fit my decorating style, too. Does your home have and second-hand success stories?


  1. I love love love the glider. Wish I had one in my backyard to not sit in!

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  4. Hi fencing friends! MamaMonki, Colin, and Mahesh we are excited that a local fencing company is letting us pick up the excess fencing from jobs, screw ups, and potential trash. Hope to have some great projects to share in the future. Thanks for visiting!!


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