Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick Update from the Suburban Blue House

These pictures I would normally post on Two Blue Houses Facebook page and I probably will post them there to.

New chicken coop to the far right. We are turning the pen of the old chicken coop into our new coop. The roof has been framed and a window put in. We are eager to finish this project so that we can move the new chicks from my greenhouse and into the actual chicken coop. One of our main reasons for revamping the chicken coop is to better utilize the deep bedding method of keeping livestock. The middle building has a plywood floor and you just can't do deep bedding well or correctly without a dirt floor.

The second reason is because we need storage. The center building will be storage so that our little one car garage isn't so stressed with stuff. OK... so that Gary isn't so stressed with stuff (understandably). The far left building needs a new roof if it is going to stay and that will be debatable. It may or may not stay. As storage, a rabbit shed, etc. Plans change almost daily. Regardless it will look fresh and new back there by the end of summer with blue paint and white trim and shutters (Gary doesn't know about the shutters yet... maybe flower boxes... anyway).

Gary surveying our trash picked wood items. We are really, really missing the truck for that reason. We maybe poor but the truck allowed us to get junk for free. Now... well now who knows.

Close up of the new window put in yesterday. Yes, that warped vinyl window was trash picked. A perfect fit for a chicken coop.

While Gary put in the window I painted the greenhouse. I was able to get two coats on all sides thanks to a bit of help from Corey and with Wade being so so good to sit in his stroller, be tied on my back, and held in my arm. I can't wait for the white trim to be put up. It will be an adorable greenhouse.

Rocky the beagle watching me work. He is a serious slave driver. **Wink**

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