Sunday, October 31, 2010

Attack Rabbits - I Hope Not

Doe 1 - Name To Be Determined
Well I did it. I finally got a trio of rabbits. Two young doe and a young buck Broken New Zealands. I have been think about this since we got the chickens around the spring of '09. They are surprisingly sweet. I was extremely impressed with the breeder Colleen. Not only was she full of useful information, she really, really loved her animals. Even these "meat rabbits". She had a great respect for the animal and their "personalities" while remembering that they are animals. You can check out her rabbits at She also breeds Angora rabbits. Something I might be extremely interested in having the in the future. I like the idea of fine fiber and wool. Anyway...

I have to admit I was afraid of rabbits. Growing up I couldn't have a dog or a cat because of my younger brother's severe allergies. Instead my parents let me choose a cute rabbit. I picked out a tiny, fuzzy, snow white rabbit. He was so cute I called him "bun bun" with his official name being Snow Ball. I loved "bun bun". Little did I know that he would grow into a huge, evil, ATTACK RABBIT.

So what my parent's failed to realize was that:
1. Some male rabbits need to be neutered to not be mean.
2. Rabbits (male) smell.
3. They like to run away and hide in ever little crack in the basement making catching quite a chore.
4. That the rabbit was going to grow to an enormous size 12 pounds at least.
5. That the snow white rabbit with lovely red eyes would soon get black ears, tall, feet, and nose. Making it quite the little devil. OK, just mean looking.
6. And that rabbits would charge and growl when you came down the basement stairs.

The last item did it. The charging and growling. I was terrified. Some lovely and happy 4Hers got "bun bun" and I couldn't have been more relieved. I have never been so happy to see an animal leave. I have since had some wonderful experiences with rabbits and have a lovely pet rabbit that is a Mini-Lop Mix named Mr. Cotton Tail. But I now know that Snow Ball a.k.a. "bun bun" was a Californian Buck and I had some fear of "meat" rabbit types.

What a surprise to find them so friendly and curious and sweet. Giving kisses and coming to the door to say "hi". I am going to enjoy having our new pets. And best of all hubby seems to like them too!

Doe 2 - Name To Be Determined
Buck - Name to be Determined

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