Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recording Recipes

Today's project is to record recipes out of several library books so that I can return them to the library. One of the books I have had out for about three months (yikes!) and feel a duty to return it. Don't worry I have been renewing them...

We have an AWESOME library system in the county I live in. The programs, books, online catalog, etc is just stellar. I can request and renew books without ever going to the library, but I am just amazed by what we can do at the actual branches. We have a toy library available, audio library, DVD library and you can request items from around the state. I am sure you aren't impressed because you probably have a similar library system but I just have fallen in love with our library.

Tuesday mornings, Wade and I meet our good friends at our local branch for Baby and Me. It is amazing and Wade loves it. We sing, read, and do rhyming games to help develop language and a love of reading in young babies. Watching each of the babies grow and learn and laugh and play is such a joy. Thanks Jen and Isaac for picking us up this morning! We totally appreciate it. Enough aside...

I would be a book collector if my budget allowed. Every book I get from the library I want to own, well not every book but about 90%. I have to force myself to be responsible. Read it, use it, and return it. The cook books are great to have but eventually they have to go back and I am left feeling frustrated that I can't just call them mine. Thanks to Microsoft Office OneNote, which I am sure I am not using to its full, glorious, extent, I have devised a way to record and save my favorite recipes for easy look up.

Today I will record recipes from:
The Candida Control Cookbook - by Gail Burton
The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook - by Tosca Reno
My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method - by Jim Lahey
Natural Nutrition for Cats: The Path to Purr-fect Heatlh - by Kymythy R. Schultze (this book is for my cat, duh!)

Then next visit I can return these well appreciated books and get out new ones!

P.S. No I am not "dieting" but finding healthy recipes to live by, but yes, I do still have baby weight to lose. Wish me luck...

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