Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You are more than what you do...

There are many words that I would use to describe myself... mother, multi-tasker, problem-solver, neat-freak, short...
But outgoing? Not so much. Actually not at all. Sure I can make small talk about the weather and talk about my kids, but I don't put myself out there much. So when a friend asked if I would be interested in helping paint a mural at church, I (gulp) said yes. I put aside my normal excuses of needy children, mountains of dishes and stresses of perfectionism and said I'd be there.

The talent and organization was humbling and inspiring all at once. Children played effortlessly nearby. Adults chatted about grown-up stuff. There was coffee and pizza. I took up a paintbrush and yellow paint and I was able to feel like something other than a mother or housekeeper or impromptu chef for a couple hours.

It felt fabulous to be useful! I get a high five for being outgoing and saying yes! It is after all one of my two resolutions. (Since I don't typically do the exercise diet route with resolutions, my ideas this year are to hug more and be more hugable and to say yes more.)

And when I returned home I was ready for the chaos. Absolutely mentally prepared for the swarm of cranky children waking up from naps, the piles of homework needing checked, and the supper that still needed to be made. I know this may seem like common sense but we need to be reminded that we are more than what we do. Sometimes we allow what we are doing to define us and that isn't fair. YOU are so much more. Not that whatever you are doing isn't important, but it isn't all of you. Follow me? I am a mom, but I used to be just a person. I used to love to draw or paint, heck ever color. Nothing was better than a new box of crayons. I have lots of new responsibilities that I treasure, but I also am still that girl who loves her Crayola's. And giving me that time to do what I love makes me a better mom.

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