Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Highlight: Baby Toys are Fun

The baby toys are out of the closet! The house is almost ready for the arrival of baby boy number two. My mother came Saturday to help clean the house a bit and I rearranged the soon to be "boys room". OK, so I over did it moving furniture but all baby clothing is washed and put away and I am satisfied that my house is almost a ready nest. A few more items to pick up. A few more chores to get done and we will be able to wait in patient expectation.  

Wade loved revisiting his baby toys. Hard to imagine that they were that wonderful and that interesting when he was just a tiny baby! Wow, does it go so fast.

Wade hugging Teddy. Teddy has been and still is his most favorite and cherished baby toy. 

Many toys have to go in the mouth. This stuffed elephant is no exception. With Lacey, our Wire Fox Terrier, being Wade's closest "friend" and "playmate" he spends a lot of time pretending to be a doggy.

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