Sunday, February 19, 2012

Refinished Vintage French Doors

These lovely, vintage doors came from a Craig's List find we excitedly jumped on during Christmas in 2008. Buying custom french doors would have cost $100's of dollars but these were perfect from the get go. They had layers and layers of paint caked on them. Huge chunks had chipped off but they were solid wood and just the right size for our tiny door way between the kitchen and the living room. We had also hoped they would help with our cold house issue by shutting the doors and keeping the living room warm with an electric heater. Thankfully we don't need the doors for that reason as much as we used to. 

These before pictures are from the night we picked them up. You can see our old floors, sub-floor living room floor, etc. We had a lot of work to do and still do honestly depending on how long we stay here. (I really can't wait for the kitchen color to change!!! It was supposed to be Adobe brown!... ugh!!)

The doors were later framed in and put up for our enjoyment for a while but we so decided they needed to come down and be either repainted or stained. Either would require the layers of paint already on the doors to be removed and smoothed out. The doors came down and stayed down for quite some time.

But Gary worked hard and finished them for me in time for baby boy number two! I love them. I don't even know what else to say about how happy I am to have them hung back up.

Wade likes them as well. He was thrilled to help daddy hang them and then practice opening and closing them.

For additional privacy we are debating on putting up curtains... which I am really torn about. They do lock though. All I can say is baby steps... you slowly, cheaply, work your way to your dream living space. Our attentions have turned to improvements for the outdoor green house and possibly another small shed for storage. Soon it will be growing season and we need to be ready!


  1. I love it! You really did a great job in refurbishing that vintage French door. It even looked more precious and classic with that brown coat. Oh, and your little boy over there seemed like he’s enjoying the door’s new color! :]

    - Willene Fagen

  2. Gorgeous finds, Lauren! Your home definitely deserves them. :) By the way, what have you done with your privacy issue? Using curtains would be pretty convenient, but I think frosting the glass panels sounds more appealing, right? And it’s not that difficult really. ;) -->Mary Martin

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  4. You have done great job. I like French doors in the bedroom, they're lovely and provide such an elegant feel to a bedroom.


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