Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Going out to eat

My husband surprised me after church on Sunday with going out to eat.  With so many kids to keep happy at the table and not to mention special diets, sometimes grabbing a meal out isn't as relaxing as it should be.  (It was absolutely enjoyable by the way!) 

This is more of my idea of going out for supper.  It has been so sunny and (relatively) warm that I could not resist gathering some wood and building a little fire.

Add two packs of good hot dogs, a cast iron skillet and a ten year old obsessed with survival skills and you have the makings of a pretty good meal.

Everything tastes better when cooked over a fire.

...Or eaten off of a stick...

... Or with your bare hands.  

Seeds ordered.  Yep.

Chicks ordered (52 of them!). Check.

First fire of the year.   Done.

I know it is only February, but spring... I'm ready and waiting.

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