Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alternatives to Toxic Medical Cancer Treatment

I share this video (which may or may not be available to watch online for free much longer) because I find it directly correlates to certain farmer's struggles with the FDA. Just as farmers and consumers a like struggle for the right to sell and consume raw milk and healthy traditional, real food, so is Doctor Burzynski struggling to be allow to save people's lives.

Our government has a strong hand on our health and choices regarding our health. If you don't know that, then you need to. If you choose to not vaccinate or delay vaccinate your own child, no doubt you have felt some pressure regarding your choices. One parent in the video even states that as they faced terminal cancer in their very young child's brain their very doctors told them that the parent's opinions and choices don't weigh as heavily as the doctor's opinions and choices. Those doctor's were in favor of heavy radiation treatment that would leave the child a vegetable for the rest of his or her's very short life.

What a travesty it is to live in a nation that alternative and scientifically successful medical treatment is treated as fraud and persecuted as our farmers are. I share this video not just for Dr. Burzynski's struggle but the struggle of every person facing cancer and not able to have honest choices regarding their health.

Please take sometime to know the battle's these parents, individuals, and doctors are going through.

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