Monday, June 27, 2011

Guess Who's Not for Dinner: Ticked Off at Rabbits

Did you ever feel like your captive rabbits are
looking at you like this? Source

So our lovely buck and ladies have yet again failed to provide us with any litters. The buck is very enthusiastic about missing when he is doing his duty. I did think this last time he was successful. I am most ticked off that we have thus far invested 9 months of feed at a venture that doesn't seem to be working.

I am not giving up though. I will be breeding them again this week... several times to make sure. I think rabbit will be a great source of backyard protein. Any suggestions? A proven buck? Another senior doe? Alas, they are only just a year old now and are large meat rabbit types. Perhaps they were too young at 9 months to breed...

One way or another bunnies... I will win. Whatever happened to "multiplying like rabbits"?


  1. I see by your most current post, they delivered. Hang in there...once they get rolling, you'll have bunnies. I would suggest you borrow or buy the DVD by Joel Salatin/Polyface Farms...there is a segment on rabbits that is priceless, with instructions from Daniel Salatin. I actually took notes! We have free-ranging rabbits and bunnies appear every 28 days...they are in the groove and we are nearing numbers in the dozens, and dozens, and dozens.

  2. Sherry, Thank you for the recommendation. I will definitely look into that DVD. Crossing my fingers that link Ohio via our library has it! I am completely interested in having a rabbit "colony" however I am not completely sure of how that will work on 1/2 acre in the suburbs! And it totally was our fault. Once we reached 28/30 days and the girls weren't pulling hair I assumed we didn't have pregnant rabbits. Duh! I won't make that mistake again. How do you catch your roaming rabbits???


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