Friday, March 25, 2011

Making New Friends

Jackie made a surprise visit into my little suburb so we got to spend a good portion of the night (Thursday) and day (Friday) together! We have LOTS of changes happening on the blog and our time together was both refreshing and productive. I would say that this visit very much meets the criteria of one of my 2011 words to live life by "accomplished". However, I will talk more about that and the many exciting changes tomorrow.

Right now there are more important matters at hand. Jackie and I have a solid direction for the blog and we are excited to find new ways to make friends via the wonderful online world. We have frequented many blogs over the last several years and honestly you start to think of those lovely bloggers as friends in faraway places. We have never spoken directly with any of them but somehow you feel connected as if you did know them personally. We sincerely hope that via Two Blue Houses you will come to feel the same.

Well we are busy making new friends! We have already told you how much we love the Homegrown community and through that wonderful online place I stumbled upon a sweet farm blog called Verde Farm and have just fallen in love with it's vintage charm and beautiful animals. It sure seems like Amy & Richie have an exciting year ahead of them with their adorable Kunekune pigs and cute piglets (to come in 2011) and as they start to host weddings (I would have gone with the rustic barn venue for sure). Won't you stop over and check them out?

Speaking of Verde Farm we have jumped in and joined up with their Farm Friend Friday. Please stop over and check out all the other wonderful farm blogs linking up.

While enjoying Verde Farm I noticed a cute button for the Blog Guidebook. It was the bee that pulled me in...

My dear Jackie was no stranger to the treasures this site held. Tutorials, giveaways, linkies love, resources, and  last but not least blog listings. We I can assure you; you will find us listed in the not so distant future under the category Country Life/Homesteading. The founders of the Blog Guidebook, Lyndsey and Sarah, created the site to provide a safe place for bloggers to learn and gather. I think the concept of the Blog Guidebook is best summed up in the following statement from their about us page:

"Blogging is a new form of journalism. It is a way to self-publish your dreams, hopes and stories of your world. The Guidebook offers a way for others to find you, in a friendly, happy, easy to navigate, safe environment."

For Jackie and I, Two Blue Houses is very much away to share our dreams, hopes, and ideas for our present and future. I am glad we can make new friends to share that with. 

Thanks for joining us! We are so glad you are here.

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