Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Open House

Welcome to our houses! We are excited about the changes happening on the blog as our vision unfolds. Just wanted to take a moment to walk you around and share all the changes.

We have added a button for you to grab and use on your blog or site. Hopefully you will love what we do here so much you won't mind sharing us with everyone you know.

Don't forget to grab your own
TBH Button!
Our Facebook profile image has a new, fresh look. We add images, updates, and other surprises occasionally on on our Facebook page that we don't post on the blog and would love for you to be apart of our Facebook community. Please take a moment to "like" us, won't you?

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Our cloud of labels went away but don't worry ALL the content is still there. We have simplified our labels under 8 categories. Looking for posts about chickens? Check out our Barnyards. Looking for posts about our gardens? Check out our Backyards. Below is a list of some of what can be found under our new categories.
  • Backyard - Garden and all things out our back doors, etc.
  • Barnyard - Animals, fencing, generally all things farm.
  • Days... - Life.
  • Homemade - DIY, projects, crafts, decoration, re-purposing, etc.
  • House News - Announcements, open houses, giveaways, sponsors, general blog information, etc.
  • Snap Shots - Photos. Moments in our lives.
  • Soap Box - A place to share our view on current events we care about, along with some social responsibility, health, etc. 
  • Yummy - Food (enough said).
Please be patient with us as we go through our 100 + posts and re-label them all. We promise to have that done really soon.
Our inspiration has moved! The links we love are now on their own page and we will be placing them in categories. And last but not least, to make your browsing experience easier we have added links under each post of other reads we recommend. Feel free to hop around the blog and let us know what you think!

Well thanks for visiting. We hope you come back again soon and keep a watchful eye for more new things to come. Happy Saturday!

P.S. We added a subscribe by email option at the very bottom of our blog. If you are interested, and we hope you are, in getting the latest and greatest from Two Blue Houses now you can right in your inbox. 

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