Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pinspiration and a Happy Handmade Christmas: Little Girl

I love homemade gifts.

I realize lots of people say that.  Let me clarify.

I can't stop smiling while I am making something for someone I love.  I can hardly wait to give it to them.  I nearly cry when they open it.. and I get all warm and fuzzy every time they use what I have made.

The whole process for me is delightful.  Scouring Pinterest for ideas.  Shopping and scavenging for supplies.  Drinking mug after mug of  wine hot tea after the kids are asleep... Spending nights at the table making wonderful things.

The girls presents are always especially fun for me.  Beyond Barbies, I think it is challenging to shop for girls. I want quality and wholesome but often stores have plastic and superficial.  

Oh well.  So I made my own.

Here is what they found Christmas morning...

A simple wooden box (bought with my 50% off coupon) decorated with clearance stickers and my wood burning tool that I bought last year.  And inside...

... a scrap fabric paper doll kit!  What girl could resist?!?!  Color, cut, glue... ribbons and pom poms.  
(inspired by this)

and the little one found this...

not just a mint tin...

but two new friends in a little bed!

They are adorable.  And again, made from simply scraps! 
(inspired by this)

And finally for the girls to share this matching game.

The original was made of paper but I love using felt.  Next time (because I will make this again for some lucky little friend's birthday) I will glue only the middle so my stitches around the edge look better!

These are three success stories.  I attempt homemade gifts every year and most years they look like attempted homemade gifts.  I feel doubly good this year because they actually look as good as the projects that inspired them.  These lovely presents have gotten lots of use already.  Thanks Pinterest!

More homemade Pinterest success stories to come!!!  


p.s.  I just remembered that I also painted my first shirt... a gold unicorn on pink shirt using a stencil I created myself on the silhouette.  Now if I can just her to not wear it long enough so I can wash it and snap a picture...you will have to take my word for it! But I did find this blurry shot of her unicorn wearing it Christmas morning...

How about you?  Any surprising homemade gift success stories... do tell!!!


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