Saturday, January 14, 2012

What we do...

Everyone knows that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  That is most likely the reason I received five (yes, five) crock pots for my birthday last year!  But all on my time spent in the kitchen, is not really spent in the kitchen.


I make bread dough.  But it has to rise.


And beans need to soak overnight.

And then sit simmering on the stove for two hours.

See.. so a lot of my time is not spent in the kitchen.

This is what do we do while the bread is rising... or the beans are simmering...

My girls and me.  They are my little shadows.  Always following.  Always asking if they can help.  Yes, they help.  Wearing crowns.  Dressing up.  Cuddling.  Reading books until Lettie falls asleep.  Tea parties with baby dolls and teddy bears.  Making secret places with sheets and blankets.  Sliding.  Swinging.  And taking lots of silly pictures!

Oh, and sometimes we dress the dog in baby clothes...

She took off her hoodie and left it on the back porch in the rain, by the way... 
I don't think she was very happy with us.

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