Monday, May 30, 2011

A Success...

It worked!

My rotten soybeans sprouted. Just a handful so far but I'm hopeful of my second (intentional) sprouting of cannelini beans and great northern beans, and maybe some more soybeans.

The birthday boys are headed off to a breakfast and movie with their grandparents and the rest of us are spending the cooler morning hours getting some of the plants in our garden. The plan is to have the entire plot planted by next weekend. And after that...

0ur new sandbox

... we are heading to the beach!


The party? Oh, it was a HUGE success also. I will be putting together a post with lots of pictures for you to see this week. Thanks for all the hopeful comments about getting prepared for it. I think I'm still dizzy from such lack of sleep, but boy was it worth it.

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