Thursday, May 19, 2011

Souvlaki Shish Kebobs & Moving Grandmothers

Just a quick update from our Two Blue Houses. This week has kept Jackie and I both running. Checking in with each other between the insanity we quickly compared notes. Jackie is knee deep in helping her Grandmother move out of her house. She has furniture, linens, kitchen supplies, and moving trucks. Throw into the mix kid sport games, driving multiple places at 45 minutes plus each way, and five kids. An adventure to say the least.

I just helped pull my first "late nighter" with my own kid. Corey needed help with an extra credit project for one of his teachers. She is hosting a "Greek Feast" and the kids can bring dishes to earn extra credit. Main dishes receive the most points of course. However, we weren't able to start shopping for this said project until 8 pm. Moussaka was an option but to involved, tiropites to expensive with all that cheese and I have NO idea where to get the pastry part of that recipe, we settled on Souvlaki "little skewers" or shish kabobs.

Corey had to buy the ingredients. We went to the store and I helped him navigate dollar per pound for the pork, which veggies to buy for the kabobs, and picking up the garlic powder I didn't have in the pantry. Of course I stated when we were walking into the store that we needed skewers... and we didn't remember until we returned home. Nice. Oh well. Gary to the rescue! Corey was able to see the inside of a grocery store at 11:30 at night. I was busy making sure the pork was marinated & veggies cut. Corey of course had to measure the spices for the marinate, help create the skewers, and be part of grilling (on my cast iron griddle) and clean up.

I am sitting here waiting for the kabobs to cool so that I can refrigerate them. If it isn't one kid I am losing sleep over... it's the other. Welcome to parenthood. **Wink**

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