Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chores with a Baby

Many times farm chores are things I want to rush through to get to the relaxing part of my day. (Did I just say that?!?!) With a bunch of active kids there never is a dull moment here. While there is no relaxing on a mini farm, sometimes chores can become adventures. Like chickens for example. Throw in a 20 month old, a teeny tiny pair of mud boots and a patient mommy and this is what you get...

Seriously, aren't her boots cute!

Her favorite part of the whole experience is unloading the basket one by one and placing them in the egg carton. Some of the hens lay huge round eggs occasionally and she tries to fit the giant egg into the tiny well and we get some of these...

A small price to pay for eager hands. But all in all she gets excited and grabs the chicken shaped egg basket when she sees me putting on my boots and I just can't resist. The enthusiasm wears off as the child gets older... say 10! (My oldest turned ten this week.) So I don't mind taking her. Eden was the same way with the chickens. Jude grew up in the barn watching me milk a goat twice a day from his walker. I love that my kids are growing up with animals that contribute to our family's food supply.


Today I am shoveling mountains of topsoil and mulch to get the yard looking its best for a double birthday party at this rural blue house this weekend. The girls are coming over to help get together some fun carnival themed games and decorations. There will be lots of happy party pictures to come next week. My to-do party list has a couple dozen unchecked items that desperately need immediate attention. I think today I will tackle the perfect gluten free onion ring and see if I can turn an adult daiquiri mix into kiddie sno-cones?!?! Wish me luck!

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  1. Getting ready for a shin-dig always takes us a few days. Looking forward to seeing your party pictures.

    Have fun...


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