Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Basements are for boys...

When you have three boys there are some things you will never have... like peace and quite, food in the cupboards and clean bathrooms. And wow, are boys active! Sword fights in the living room, racing in the hallways, roller blading in the basement and scooters in the kitchen. Yes, I'm that kind of mom and we live in that kind of house. I love nothing more than filling this place with all their stinky little friends too. It is a bit of a mission of mine. I want my home to be the place all the guys want to visit. I will admit that half of it is a control issue and the other half is just pure fun. I'm starting to feel that hospitality is one of my spiritual gifts. So it's no mistake that when the opportunity came for our family to purchase some full size game tables we jumped. Surely this investment would make our basement the place.

The equipment of course comes with a story.

Great Food For All is a food and outreach ministry. They provide discount food packages available to families of all income levels as well as a thriving youth ministry. Each week, they host a open house for teens where they can gather and just hang out. Christian alternative music is played, meals are prepared and served and they are taught about Christ. It is an awesome awesome place to be.

The couple leading this particular branch have been in ministry for 15 years, branching in every possible direction. Over the past year, the gentleman's health has been declining and with heavy hearts they have had to close their operation. They have opened their doors to neighboring businesses to bid for their inventory. After years of ministry, you can imagine on how much stuff they had accumulated, donated or otherwise acquired.

We bid on three tables in all: ping pong, air hockey, and fooseball. They were so affordable. The couple could have gotten more for them than we paid. I think it was fact that we have five children that they let us have them for so little. The kids were jumping all around saying how this was the best day of their lives and such. I doubt they will be begging for video games this week. Ha ha ha, my plan is working!

The air hockey table is still in the garage. We are in the process of painting and carpeting the basement as I write this. It will be a welcome transformation from scary dirty cement skate zone to ultra cool kid hang out.

These three tables were used as leverage for Christ and I'm hoping the ministry will continue in my basement. This will be a place where kids will look forward to visiting and a place where my children will share their relationship with Jesus.

And one more picture of my boys in one of their "clean" moments...

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  1. Looks amazing. I am envious you have a basement. Next house... hehehe. Have fun boys!


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