Monday, March 14, 2011

One Yard Wonder - The Folklore Bag

I do one of two things every Friday: I play video games or I sew. Either or, there is always homemade pizza involved. Can you guess what I chose? This past weekend, instead of getting humiliated by my boys playing video games I was hunched over a pile of fabric and my sewing machine for the second Friday night in a row. Yes, I am that much fun. But look at my results.

This bag was another adventure from the book One Yard Wonder. You have to know how much I love that book by now. I learn a new skill each project and I can see my sewing improving. Progress is awesome! This was my first time using interfaced fabric. I must have compared it to working with cardboard about a billion times. I also am getting better at working with a pattern. Let's just say being a follower is not one of my strengths.

Completely lined with pockets, it has just the right amount of room for a couple diapers, some baby necessities and other mom stuff, like cards, cell phone and sunglasses (which haven't been getting much use around here lately, unfortunately, but I bring them just in case!) It is the perfect size for a diaper bag. Honestly, if it were not for baby stuff, the only things I carry can fit into a little zipper pouch on my key chain.

The bold fabric was purchased a couple months ago and it broke my heart to cut it, but it looks super as a purse and that is just what I needed to get through this yucky spring.

By accident, only the front is pleated. Not sure why I just told you that, you would never have known, but I guess I just like to be honest. The pictures do it more justice than in person.

It is endearingly lopsided and a little wonky, but it also makes me smile. The purse even got a complement today while out and about. I like to see my projects actually making their way out into public for a change. Who knows? Maybe I'll be sewing a little something for you one day...

What have you been making lately?

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