Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meet My Vitamix...

It is no secret how much time I spend in the kitchen. Feeding a bunch of kids wholesome homemade food is a full time job. Literally. I'm talking at least 40 hours a week (that includes doing the dishes too). Oh, but I love filling their often bottomless bellies with good stuff. Over the years, I have acquired quite a collection of efficient and helpful gadgets. Some like measuring cups and stainless steel bowls (can you ever have too many of these?) get used several times a day. The fondue pots and quart canner have their specific duties but are still loved when dusted off and put to use. But I'm not sure I ever had a favorite until now.

Meet my Vitamix, a generous (and hugely unexpected) gift from some dear friends. Don't be fooled by its exterior, folks, this is no blender. Can an ordinary kitchen appliance turn this...

into this... in less than 30 seconds?

It amazes me every single time I turn it on. No way can it liquify quartered apples, puree whole baby carrots, or transform celery into something pourable. But it proves me wrong every. single. time.

(A quick glance at our typical fridge foods...)

We are going through produce and ice like crazy, but that is pretty normal around here. Our diet is a lot of fresh and dried fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, mozzarella cheese, tuna, eggs, turkey anything and everything, beef, fish and rice. Occasionally we have crackers, homemade breads and homemade pasta. You won't see potato chips, ice cream or other junk foods unless I make them and I do. Quite often, actually. Vitamix made cherry vanilla dairy free ice cream just last night! We talk about nutrition and good food choices with the kids at basically every meal. Even the younger ones can identify proteins and carbs. The absolute best is when I hear them explain our food to unsuspecting friends over for a visit. There is nothing like seeing a kid explaining to another child why they too should consider watering down their fruit juices.

The pantry

Vitamix has been on my kitchen counter for only three days but I'm pretty sure this is love. It has gotten used every meal and my kids are begging for spinach. Either they developed an overnight obsession for their greens or they like the fact that they can drink their lunch through a twisty straw. Who wouldn't?

(I'm not selling these I just really like mine and thought you would like to know...)

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