Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring in February

Well I just had to take a moment to document that it feels like spring today at nearly 60 degrees. Despite the fact that Wade and I are still fighting a cold we had to step outside for a moment and enjoy the sunshine!

Wade was less than thrilled about the wind. He also
couldn't take his eyes off the chickens!

I had to let the chickens out to eat some worms and play in the mud and was grateful for my mud boots!

The best news of all is that our green house project is getting started today and I have finally organized my seeds. Here are the plans for the green house drawn up by my lovely hubby (my man knows how much I like plans and drawings). Don't expect much with the green house. It will be functional and hillbilly made from free stuff.

Gary's Drawing

Up Close

Beagle helpers. Rocky placed his paw print of approval on the drawings.
The chickens are in the background looking for a hand out of scraps.

We have plans for back by the chicken coop too. Not to mention a pile of fence to put up in the jungle. You can see the jungle to the right in the picture above.

Notice the mud. We use wood, stone, whatever all winter to keep the mess to a minimum. Do you see the large tree in the background by the dog pen? That tree is coming down before real spring hits. We are sad to lose it but it is sick... so better to take it down for firewood then have it fall on the garage.

Anyway! Time to plant very, very soon! What changes are happening around your place?

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  1. Great photos. Fun to see what plans you have. A greenhouse would be fun to get an early start on your plantings and perhaps have some late autumn harvest! Your dog gave it his "paw" of approval :-)


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