Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scrap Fabric Rosettes

Yellow things make me happy. Wouldn't this small yellow flower make your day? Sometimes all it takes is one sunny accessory to make you feel good. I started making these and now I just can't stop. If you know me, you have probably gotten one. It is one of those projects that provide almost instant gratification with a lovely result each time. In only five minutes, you can have a cheerful little rosette of your own.

Snip about 3/4 of a inch from the edge of your fabric and tear the material so you have messy raw edges. For a medium rosette, the strips need to be about 2 feet long. You can use two of the same fabric, or two different fabrics. For the second strip, I used this lace. I'm positive it is from the 80's. I think it can officially be labeled as vintage. Thanks Mom.

Tie the two together with a loose knot.

Pinch the tail of the know between your thumb and forefinger. Trust me this works and you won't burn your fingers with hot glue too much. Grab your hot glue gun and dab glue around the edge of the knot. Twist the fabric (it doesn't matter which way) and stick it to the glue. You can twist it tight or loose.

When you get the size you want, clip the ends and tuck them under the flower with a bit of glue.

Cut two leaf shapes out of something like wool or felt and glue them to the back of your rosette.

Cut a circle to cover the back of your flower and attach the alligator clip. Open the alligator clip and place the circle inside. This is the one tricky part.

Glue the circle and clip to the back of the rosette so that the angled part of the clip is facing the back of your flower and the flat part is facing you.

And here is your finished product ready to be clipped onto a headband, a pony tail, a purse, a neckline, a pocket, a shoe... really, anywhere.

I also experimented a bit with a poppy-ish design with felt and wool...

Four layers of a simple figure eight shape, three a larger size and one smaller, a quick gather in the middle...

Layer them staggered. Stitch together and secure a couple of beads.

These have a felt circle and alligator clip too. I also made a few from the gray wool with some cool turquoise beads.

I think they may be my new favorite thing!

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