Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick Embroidery: Spicing Up a Yellow Sweater

I received for free this cute wool Gap sweater for my baby boy. It needed a special touch. You may remember his nursery has a woodland forest theme that feel reflects both my husband's love for the woods and hunting and all things boy (girl too! Members of the wolf pack unite!). I have had mushrooms on my mind. I love to eat them and they are so cute in kids rooms as decorations, tables, and chairs. Who knows where they might show up in then next couple weeks/months.

My process was simple. Find some samples, draw my own pattern (mostly I visualized it in my head), and do some simple embroidery stitching. Presto! One spiffed up sweater.

I think someone is wearing this to Nana's house really soon! Happy Saturday.

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