Monday, December 13, 2010

Supporting Local this Christmas

I live in a very small town. There are only three traffic lights (if you count the blinking one at the four way stop!) Our town tries to have a little bit of everything. We have one nice restaurant, one flower shop, one coffee house, one health food store... you get the point, and they are all locally owned. Buying locally means supporting neighbors and friends. It helps support your community by keeping more of your money in the economy and reduces transportation costs as well as the pollution associated with that. Not to mention there is not nearly as long check-out lines! Two years ago, I challenged myself to buy all Christmas gifts local. It was probably the most stress free and enjoyable holiday shopping I've ever had!

Essence Maker sign front

One local business that Lauren and I are HUGE fans of is Essence Maker! Tracy has been making soaps and other sweet smelling aromatherapy body care since 1998. She knows all about the chemistry and herbs that go into making her healing products. Her handmade soaps are gorgeous and her packaging is beautiful. I especially love her hand and foot salve. She will even come and set up shop at your place so all your friends can come over and try out her stuff! And if you have at least 8 friends, you earn some of her amazing stuff for free. Merry Christmas to YOU!

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