Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I Love

Just a short list to wrap up the week.

1. Jackie found this great article about people who live in blue houses. I can tell you on my end that NOT all of it is true. I'd love an Audi, thank you very much. But I do love my blue house. I especially love this quote:
"In addition, the average "blue" homeowner is in a long-term relationship and has two children and four close friends."
2. Alphabet plates. Yup. Enough said. So cute.
3. A perfect solution to my tiny kitchen and storage issue. Watch the video and you will see the table extension can slide and be hidden away! My house is only 950 square feet and everything needs to pull double duty. I know the price tag is steep but ... here to dreaming.
4. Speaking of kitchen. I love Ikea's kitchen planner. Hubby keeps telling me that this spring we can overhaul the kitchen. We will see!
5. I successfully baked my first loaf of bread and ate it all myself! But here is the book that I used. I can tell you that I don't own this book. The library is amazing. I love the idea of artisan bread and I am impressed with a some of the other recipes. Not tons of pictures in this book and a surprising amount of copy for a cook book, but great picture by picture guide on how to make the basic loaf. And you build from there.
6. I love how my baby is growing every day. He just keeps me totally amazed.

Wade after he rolled over for the first time this week.

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