Sunday, November 14, 2010

Craft/Sewing Organization

Where are my good fabric scissors? Have you seen my seam ripper? Which of you kids hid my glue gun? Sound familiar... We are artists and we have supplies. But there is something about rooting through a giant tote of fabric scraps, glitter, and ribbons that discourages me from wanting to create. All those fancy organizing rolling carts with lots of drawers and compartments at craft stores are sweet, but expensive. I like to find solutions that are free. Who wouldn't. Hmmm... let's see... Some kind of a case that I could easily transfer room to room, or wherever my project would take me. Dividers or sections would be nice too. And while I'm dreaming, throw in that it will look super cute on display in a corner. After a couple days of contemplating, tearing the house apart and almost giving up and purchasing one of the above mentioned super awesome rolling carts, I remembered a set of child sized Samsonite suitcases that were mine as a child collecting dust in my daughters closet.

From that point on, things just fell into place A place for threads? Check! A pocket for scissors and needles? Check!

And a large middle section for all the bigger items!

In the other case, the top section is for all my patterns and paperish things like heat and bond and old wallpaper samples.

The bottom holds all the jars of beads and buttons and my wonderful glue gun!

The best part? Its small enough to really keep it organized! Double check!

And it looks so beautiful all closed up on display in a formerly empty boring corner of my room!

P.S. The bottom large case is my grandfathers old accordion.

P.S.S. All my fabric is still in a giant tote, but less cluttered and easier to rummage through.

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