Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Cup of Tea

Life is not simple.

And some days it is nothing short of hectic.

Its those days where a little simplicity goes a long way. Like you I have a cupboard of mismatched mugs... three of this kind, two of those, oh and the Christmas mugs (my least favorite.) One afternoon while thrifting with the kids I splurged and bought 8 matching little cream mugs. Wow! That simple act of well, simplifying, has impacted each and every tea time since. There is something so serene drinking out of a beautiful mug that makes other things easier or at least not so big.

Yes, after this I can handle all of this...

Don't let all their cuteness mislead you. I have found solace in many cups of tea being their mom. ITS COMPLETELY WORTH IT, by the way!

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