Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back to Eden Film

Back to Eden Film

I first stumbled on this film back on September 21, 2011. I meant to watch it (more than the trailer I saw) and share a post about the movie. It has long been in the back of my mind and obviously I am just getting around to sharing now. Can I just say the film took my breath away, blew my mind, and built in my such a great excitement to garden I can hardly stand it?

As I have shared earlier this week; lately the chickens, rabbits, and garden seem like such a major, extra chore. I have to remind myself why I am doing this all. Why grow my own food when I could just buy it from the supermarket? Sometimes I just don't have the answers. Especially after we took some bad advice and fertilized our raised beds with un-composted rabbit manure late last fall. Apparently, the mild manure that can "just be added right to the soil" is only to be added if you feed pellets alone. We don't. We feed hay. You know... grass like the wild rabbits eat. Pellets are just a supplement. Well that means only add rabbit manure to your garden beds before composting if you have weed free hay. Funny the solid layer of grass and weeds growing like a carpet on all my old beds that we added rabbit manure directly to... lots more work. **Sigh.**

This movie changes all that for me. You know when you read and look in search of a better way to do something just knowing it is out there and it still alludes you. The answers are within this fabulous system revealed to Paul Gautschi by God and shared with the world. Now I just have to convince my husband, the muscles, and we will be in business. 

Here are the highlights that really stood out to me:

  • Paul's love for God and gentle spirit are so appealing that you are just drawn in. His knowledge of scripture and application is just fantastic. I loved how the verses related so well to the action of gardening. 
  • This is the perfect system. Designed by God, modeled by nature, and recreated by Paul. Amazing.
  • That this "system" is being revealed now for a time of need. The ability to garden like this has always been "there" and many people have touched on or discovered many of the concepts shown but I do feel there is an element of timeliness in Paul's methods and in how it is revealed. I also feel pressured to have a food system in place for a time of need for myself, family, and strangers in need. 
  • You may or may not be amazed as I was at the size, swift growing, and sweetness of the fruit/veggies. Even being said to taste like candy. In addition, the water content in the fruit of the garden is so apparent that I can't relate it to most modern food homegrown or otherwise. It was just dripping!
  • No need for crop rotation (love this!), watering, weeding, fertilizing, soil testing, etc. Most of the chores of modern gardening are completely eliminated. Weeding, watering, and crop rotation are all major chores to me. Yuck! You don't have to "work" to keep up with this garden.
  • I kept wondering how to create such a garden myself while watching. Either from scratch or with what I already have. About an 1 and 30 minutes into the movie you get a great demonstration of the beginnings of making a garden like Paul's. Clearly only time will make a garden as fertile as Paul's but you see the start and early success. There is also a step-by-step "how to" on the film web site.
  • I love how Paul gives freely of his garden and his explanation of why he does so. Talk about beautiful. 
  • The movie is a bit of a time commitment but it is so very worth it!
Please buy the DVD or give a donation if you have the financial means. I am not affiliated with the film in anyway but I love how you can watch the film for free and I feel that should be rewarded. I am sure it will be a blessing and money well spent. Have you seen the film? Or if you watch it please tell me what you think about it. I would love to know what stood out to you. Did you agree with Paul on his method's?


  1. This movie inspired us to start a garden this year. I was so moved by his divine inspiration that I began to realize that THIS is what God intended for us. He is so good. Thanks for sharing with your followers - think of the food revolution that could occur if we all started Back to Eden gardens in our backyards!

  2. Melissa - I know what you mean! I just LOVED how Paul gave freely because God gives freely. I had secretly hoped to have such an abundance last year from our garden that I could give freely to needy families at my church and community and I was crushed when the gardens didn't thrive because of the very wet weather last season. But with a Back to Eden garden the mulch (wood chips) would have kept the garden from being too wet... Paul talked about that as well. Amazing. True divine inspiration.

    Let us know how your garden works out!

  3. Lauren, everything you wrote is exactly how I felt. I have been so overwhelmed lately with my garden and chores. I'm 53, live in Tampa and work full time. You would think that you could grow anything here, and I guess you can, but the bugs, the heat, and nothing but weeds is simply overwhelming for most of the year. Especially the heat! In February, I wasn't feeling well, my blood pressure was whacko for some reason and really high even with medications, and my neighbors' oak trees have been out of control for the last few years with leaves (I have an uncovered pool in the middle of them, ugh), and I went out to just start raking around the pool because the leaves were ending up in the pool, and I was livid at the amount of leaves. With every swipe of the rake, I would fuss about the leaves. All of the sudden, I heard a voice within and God said, "These leaves are a gift to you." which stopped me in my tracks and I looked around at the entire mess with tears rolling down my cheek and I swiped the rake again, and told myself, "These leaves are a gift to me!" and with another swipe telling myself the same thing again. I just knew that God was trying to calm me down because he knew how high my blood pressure had gotten. I also knew that God was going to explain my gift at a later time when he felt I was ready to receive it, and he did. A few days later he guided me to and Paul. You see, I have never heard anyone say that they heard a voice coming from within like I hear, other than Paul. Within the first few minutes of the film, I knew that this was God explaining "These leaves are a gift for you." Now, I do not know how this is going to work in the south of south, but I do know, just like Paul, that God has directed me with this knowledge. I am not what I consider a religious person. I do not go to church every weekend, not even once in a while really. I have to say, if Paul was the one putting the application and word out, I would be there every day. However, I am a very spritual person. I believe in God. I know that God will show you, if you're willing to see what he's trying to show you. I want to see how this new garden works for me as well. To all of us....God willing - GOOOD LUCK!!!! And, thank you for so eloquently saying everything that I felt. Your command with words is right on!

    1. Dear friend - Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. I LOVE how you heard the voice of God telling you how the leaves are actually a gift to you and then later having God reveal HOW they are a gift to you. Isn't that the truth! God turns annoyances, problems, difficulties into good things in our lives. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to share your story. It touched my heart.


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