Friday, March 16, 2012

A bath in a bucket

It is no secret that we are experiencing some unseasonable weather this year in northeast Ohio.  It is also no secret that we are loving it and squeezing out every happy moment.

The trampoline is out of winter storage and an almost constant source of physical entertainment for the kids. Our sandbox, which is big enough to be both a play space for the little ones and a soft place for me to spread out a beach towel and enjoy a book, is scattered with toys and shoes.  Even a few of our raised beds have seen some early spring action with the planting of a few cold weather crops.  Can't wait to have an endless supply of yummy greens and be snapping our own peas!  We have been outdoors so often that my fair skinned child has already experienced her first pink shoulders this year.  Can you believe it?  March!

And my favorite spring tradition?  The washing of muddy little feet and hands in my largest pot.

What is it about warmer weather and sunny skies that makes my floors suddenly appear satisfactorily clean and laundry piles only half their actual size?  Well, whatever it is, I hope it's here to stay.  Goodness knows after a couple months of boring indoor bathing, we could all used a sunny day that ends with a bath in a bucket!

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