Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentines Day Photos


I am constantly disappointed with the quality of the images my camera takes. I have a low end point and shoot and of all the point and shoots of that camera brand I have owned... this is the worst. That being said I am grateful to have a camera. Trying to capture my family's day to day lives is important to me. To help ease my disappointment with the picture quality I have been trying to create that illusion of vintage photography. If life gives you a lemon then make lemonade. 

Why not make them deliberately washed out, faded, grainy, off color, etc., etc? In design school you learn to do things deliberately. If there is any doubt that what you created has an element of mistake then you should push it so that there is no question of what you intended. I guess it is sort of an all or nothing approach. 

While trying to entertain my active toddler and be a more deliberate mother for holidays, I took these pictures. Several are of Wade with a balloon his Nana gave him... he just loves balloons! The rest are of artwork he and I drew on the window with these great "window" crayons given to him at Christmas. 

Hopefully we will have more time just him and I before the arrival of his new little brother to do more Valentines pictures and crafts. It is nice to just slow down and focus on Wade, doing the minimal around the house, and create memories. I have to be very carefully right now how I use my limited energy as the third trimester is nearing the end.

What Valentines activities are you doing with your kids? 

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