Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday: Choosing a New Color for the Kitchen

Gary and I both agree that even though it has only been three years the kitchen needs a new color. We had to move quickly when painting every room in the house back in 2008. There was little to no time to learn what each room was like and any color was better than what the house had originally. The kitchen did not turn out as planned. In fact, the color was off a lot from what I had intended. Thankfully three coats of paint later it looked less pink... but it still reminds me of pink rather than the adobe brown it was supposed to be. 

Now that I spend almost all my time in the house, everyday, day after day, the darkness of the color and the one window in the kitchen makes it feel heavy. At night, almost like a cave. My pictures always look yucky (part of which is the camera) and I am so ready for a change. But... the color still has to look good with our brown and tan hand painted cupboards. Not looking like those will change in the next year at least. 

I taped color samples all over the kitchen. We aren't looking at any colors except the top three. Below that is just to dark for the room. 

More samples. The color has to stand out against the white (which will hopefully get a touch up this summer all through the downstairs).

Like my new shutters? Those were installed in the back bedroom when we bought the house. We painted them and mounted them last week on the wall. Some rough sanding has been done. We will either stain or wax them a bit to keep them looking aged. I hope to display some family photos... who knows! They are a work in progress but I feel like they will look amazing against a fresh paint of grey/blue. 

See this lovely fan **sarcasm**. That is going to! Hopefully about the same time we paint the kitchen. We never use it. It is on a three way switch that constantly blows out one of the light bulbs and it just gets dirty. We hope to replace the three way with a regular switch and I have long been inspired by mason jar light fixtures. I think we can DIY ourselves a great, cheap, new light fixture with just a little effort.

Check out my inspiration on Pinterest!

Mason Jar Hanging Lights

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