Thursday, December 8, 2011

Something special and something new for our little
baby boy to come. 

OK. Christmas aside for a minute. I just had to share this little sleeper that I LOVE because of the colorful farm animals and it's overall cuteness. I couldn't help to buy it at 50% off. I like the unusual and unexpected. The sleeper seemed to fit in to our lives a bit here at the suburban blue house filled with chickens, rabbits, dogs, and a hope of other farm animals someday.

Hopefully, it isn't too big for our new baby to come. I carefully checked the size and weight for this sleeper but Wade would have been too tiny to wear it when he came three weeks early. A special outfit for a coming baby to wear home is a huge step for me towards being prepared for the baby's arrival. It won't matter though when he can wear it because he will look cute wearing it no matter when he does...

I know, it might seem silly buying a special outfit just for a car ride home but there are a few things I like to do to prepare for a new addition. A special outfit is one of them. Another is to make something special for the baby to wear. For Wade I made some onesies that had cute "man" ties and his initials on the front but I also have to make the new baby's name in wood letters like I did for Wade. I will reveal the name with the new letters.

What special preparations do you go through for the arrival of a new baby?

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