Monday, July 18, 2011

Q: What's for supper...

A: Vegetables.

I love vegetables. More specifically the ones I just picked in my very own garden, grown from tiny seeds. In the summer, my go-to supper is always stir-fry, basically veggies over rice. I'll place the food on the table and my husband will smile and the kids we immediately begin bargaining. How much do I have to eat to get my dessert? If I eat all my zucchini can I leave the mushrooms? What are these slimy green things? Then there is the baby.

A rice monster.

The best thing about growing your own food is there is always something to eat. Sounds logic, but to really think about it makes me feel thankful, safe and grounded. A quick trip into the garden can round up snacks (snap peas, edemame or kale chips) and ideas for treats even refreshing beverages (ever try lime basil-aid?) Sure beet greens may not make my six year old's top ten favorite foods but he will eat them and his belly will be full and he will grow and play. He will do the same on hot dogs and cheese curls too but something happens when kids eat the food they help plant, tend, harvest and prepare. They experiment. They talk. They learn. A garden is magic.

My garden: snap peas, snow peas, peas, peppers,
zucchini, beet greens, onion greens and kale

The market: yellow squash (dollar basket) and carrots

Rice: organic brown rice (bulk)

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