Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hopp'n Busy & Tired of Cleaning

Well I am pleased to announce that we have five plump baby bunnies bouncing around in the nest box. Queen E has done a fabulous job as a mommy and she loves when I go back to visit her babies because she get a treat of some sort of fresh veggies! Here is to a step forward for our little livestock community.

Over the 4th of July weekend, Gary succeeded in moving the old flock into the new coop with the new flock. It involved rearranging feeders, waterers, nest boxes and perches. It isn't hundred percent done, but what around here ever is? A new window will go into the old coop along with a divider that will allow the chickens to navigate to their nest boxes and nothing more. The remainder of the building will be dedicated to a rabbit run, inside boxes for the rabbits to get out of the wind (the rabbit hutches are on the back outside wall of the old coop), and storage.

The garden continues to stump me. Weeds carpet the ground of the new garden. I can't pull enough without ten more popping up in it's place. There are small triumphs but it isn't the gorgeous, green, garden that I imagined. Oh well, if we get some food from it then we are moving in the right direction. We have already decided that it is far to shady of a spot and we'll be moving it. Yup. You heard me. We are moving it this fall. I am groaning internally. My real hope lies in my green house and raised beds. Hopefully I can extend my season long enough to get some decent food for preserving. The onions, peas, and potatoes were shot. My father is enjoying his first cucumbers and mine are barely a foot tall. What can you do but keep adding compost and hopefully soon rabbit manure and see some drastic changes?

Prior to Friday I had a fairly clean house. The kitchen table was paper and clutter free. Dishes kept up on. Floor swept. Laundry mostly done. Then Friday I decided it was imperative to rearrange furniture. It actually was imperative to rearrange. The bookcases in our living room were to heavy for our newly rejoisted and leveled floors. We have created a rather large dip and Gary will some how need to dig out the crawl space before winter and jack up the floor to add another support. It is disappointing that it happened but it is only one spot so hopefully we can fix it easily. The move has put the house into a cluttered chaos and some much needed sorting, filing, and rearranging is slowly and painfully getting done. Perhaps afterwards I will be able to get my much needed pantry reorganization done. I think Gary will sigh with relief as well as I will.

I will post pictures and perhaps a video tour of the house/yard. Hopefully we can inspire someone else out there that you really can do a lot with nothing. Let me know what you would like to see more of.

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