Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Real Green House & Monsoons

Annie the Wonder Dog... um Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier

We weren't kidding when we said we had the nicest weather all spring (and winter for that matter) this past week. The monsoons of April made it literally impossible to cut any of our 1/2 of grass. It was so tall in places that it came up to my knees and the dogs could stand up to their bellies in the lovely green stuff. Personally, I would have left it lush and beautiful. Who says we need perfectly manicured lawns? I love my weeds, covers, flowers, and beautiful green stuff. The color of spring green is absolutely my favorite. Besides, in the drought of summer my weedy lawn never needs to be watered to look green. Moving on....

We had to take advantage of the weather and work. Really push ourselves and it was a good thing we did. This weeks forecast is as bleak as the middle of winter only with rain and COLD. As a show of success we now have a real working green house!

These are leaving and my living room is returning to normal! Wee...

The big chickens get to free range. Look at those plants.

It is about 70 degrees in the green house. Outside about 55.

Awwww... doggie in the window.

Um... another one. Have you been keeping count?

See my new beds under the benches? Aged horse poop & top soil.

My green house is set up to transplant, plant, and generally take care of plants from this point forward. I am pumped. If the monsoons continue we will be ready...

To be continued... **Wink**


  1. What a good idea to have your plants growing while the rain pours down. I'm wondering how you heat your greenhouse or is it just passive energy that keeps it heated?

  2. It is unheated except the last two days. We are using space heaters (yikes!). It is staying around 60 - 65 right now. The plants were started inside my house which has helped with this cold and wet spring.

    The temperatures have dropped to 50's during the day and 30's - 40's at night, but it is always 10 - 20 degrees warmer in the green house then outside. It works like a high tunnel (hoop house) kinda... I debate about how we will heat it during the winter if at all. :/ I am totally open to ideas! Help those out there with cheap green house heating ideas...


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