Sunday, May 1, 2011

Broken Camera

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I have a sad announcement to make. Saturday while in the yard with the husband, baby, and dogs I dropped my little point and shoot camera. It fell from my hand as the dog ran by that I was just about to take a picture of. Baby in one hand and camera no longer in the other. Smack! Lens down into the mud. So that is what that little wrist band is for... I picked it up and my fears were confirmed. The lens wouldn't extend or retract. It would only make a sick turning motor sound. I had dented the delicate casing of the lens inhibiting it's movement.

Gary valiantly assured me that he could fix it. I knew in the pit of my stomach my camera was dead and my fears were confirmed as triage surgery was performed later that evening. Nope. It was done. Nuts, NUTS! What am I going to do?  A new camera is not in the budget folks. Not even the little $150-$200 dollar ones a friend suggested to me. We try to live on a budget and that is BIG money in a tight, one income, family of four budget.

Thankfully my parents have come to the rescue. We will borrow their camera until I have saved enough for my own. Apparently Wade's grandparents can't be without pictures of their grandson. I am so relieved. Today has been a hard day without my camera. I must have said a dozen times how I wish I could take a picture of this or that. Then I could show you the painted green house or the progress on the new chicken coop. Soon very soon I promise!

In my search regarding broken cameras I discovered some amazing uses for those poor cameras that can never be used again...

Camera herb garden

Airplants camera garden.

For all the how to's and ideas on where to get broken camera parts on the cheap visit Resurrect a Broken Camera as a Flowerpot at

I am not a photographer and I am not associated with in anyway but I just love their gift shop! Such clever ideas, products, design, etc. Check out these travel mugs!

They come with a lid and all. Neat! And last but not least if I was rich and could afford the film (and camera)... 

I promise to have a camera back soon. Have you ever re-purposed something completely out of the box into something totally new?

I have thought that our family was pretty good at re-purposing but I am inspired to try to bring it to a new level.

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  1. so sorry, i know what a tight'll get the money saved up soon!!

    so glad you got a camera to borrow!!

    God bless~


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