Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

This is my house:

Yup. That is my living room right now. Laundry, baby toys, messy files, part of my couch, a heat lamp, temporary table for starting seeds, dust, dirt, mess. 

Yup. This is me smiling with Wade about my mess. I am actually smiling about my mess. This is a huge step for me and this is why:

I used to live here (years ago) but it is an example of ever place I lived before I got married, a teenage stepson, a cat (I have always had a cat), two dogs (that live inside), a "suburban farm", and a baby. You can clearly see why I might have a nervous breakdown about my current living situation. Then again it is only temporary and not worth the headache. I don't even panic anymore when people come over (almost).

In other news:

Progress! The wilderness is getting tamed and we have about two years worth of firewood for the garage. If only I had a wood burning stove to heat and cook in the house.

How was your Sunday?

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