Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Fermenting. Real Food. Traditionally prepared food. Preserving. These phrases are everywhere. I ferment veggies for the first time this winter and discovered that many, many other people are fermenting veggies for the first time or should I say the first time in a long time. Well good for us.

The lovely jarred veggies are from my first experience fermenting and I have to tell you I am dying to repeat it. Well it won't be long now until I am making more fermented veggies, kefir, and kefir water. All kinds of nutritionally filled long lost goodness will be filling my refrigerator and pantry.

My starters have been ordered. As I learn I hope to understand the processes better and be able to fine or make my own starters for free or cheap but we all have to start somewhere. I promise to share what I learn with everyone who will listen. Until then I have purchased from Culture for Health and those wonderful little boxes of magic shipped today! 

Here is to celebrating baby steps to better health and better for you food. 

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