Monday, April 11, 2011

City Girl Country Girl

What. A. Weekend. Not many people experience the kind of culture swing I did this Saturday to Sunday. It was bustling yet lazy, fancy but dirty, reflective and also laugh-so-hard-you-almost-pee funny (tmi?) and just plain wonderful.

A few of my favorite girls got together for a day out in the city. A museum visit was just the kind of mature experience we were all craving.

A quiet and reflective afternoon in the museum.

Four pretty ladies all fancy for dinner in the city.

That is us at the bottom, the reflection. The people eating must have thought we were crazy!

Hilarious attempts for a self-group shot.

I took seven (7!) shots and this is the best one?

And of course... Such. Great. Food!

Hmmm... maybe I should have attempted to take a picture BEFORE we devoured the appetizer?

While we were lost between the museum and the restaurant a thought came through my head. City life is awesome. I love the lighted buildings, tree lined streets, the park benches and free museums. There is a fantastic little place or an incredible site to be found around every corner. Each turn revealed a new wonder. I will admit that I am a bit of a tourist, even considering that I grew up with these places in my own backyard. (Lauren scolded me for being amazed at the size of a Panera bread. I'm that much of a country hermit!) But I'm not afraid to be amazed at the world around me. So what if it surprises me every day. I take it all in and it often leaves me breathless.

Why do I not live in the city? I ponder this the entire way home...

And the following day I get my answer.

I slept in. Oh it felt great to hear the kids squabbling over breakfast waffles while I pulled the sheets over my head for a few more minutes. The morning was slow but by noon we were all outside.

Some new beds were dug. These will be home to a second batch of strawberries and a lettuce bed, my dream of a kitchen garden finally realized! However, until they are framed in it kind of looks like a cemetery. Creepy.

Since the grape vines are (finally) thriving we worked on the trellis that was started last year. This is what it looked life Sunday afternoon...

and this is what it looked like Sunday evening.

It is still in need of at least one more afternoon of branch work and a full day of wire to get these grapes off the ground and producing some fruit. The supplies were all free of course, using the trees from our own backyard, literally.

I truly think the other trees appreciate it when we thin out the smaller struggling growths and allow more sunlight and nutrients to help some of the great big trees flourish. Between dragging out fallen trees and pounding nails for this project there was also this going on...

Boys in the woods. With hatchets, pruning saws and a tape measure. Hmm...

Climbing trees. Hanging out. Having a sweaty blast!

Playing in puddles.

We all came in this evening, pink from the sun and happily exhausted. And so I thought after supper, when clean kids are lounging this way and that, all overlapping on the cool sofas, that country life is for me. Sure my floors are dusty and there are more shoes than feet scattered all over but this is my home. Wherever these little toes are is where I belong.

So, welcome to my world where spring days are celebrated with half naked rambunctious boys and sweet bare feet little girls. It may get cold again and God forbid, it snows, but spring is here to stay in my book.


What did you do this weekend? City or country...

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