Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My No-Pattern Skirt

I have some exciting news... you are witnessing history here. This is my first successful sewing venture sans pattern. Heck, it is my first wearable accomplishment with needle and thread EVER! I am so happy with how this fun summer skirt turned out.

The only things I had in mind when I started were the fabric I had thrifted and this adorable skirt. I sat down and within two hours of cutting and pressing, caring for the little ones, sewing, more pressing, and a final alteration I had this beauty in my hands.

To say I bragged about it is an understatement. If you have seen me, I have gloated. Come to my house, it is basically on display. I added pin tucks at the final fitting to make it fit real snug around my waist. And, bonus, they look fabulous, like icing on the cake!

Sorry but I have no pictures of the process. I had no idea it would actually turn out wearable. Any of you experimenting with fabric and thread know what I am talking about. I even decided last minute to add a zipper. A zipper! Yay me!

I love the stripes and the weight of the fabric. This is totally a farm skirt. Tough enough to handle an afternoon wandering around the garden but still making me feel so lovely. Little cotton skirts are nice for out and about but I need a skirt that I can milk a goat in. Not that I have a goat, but if I did... I would want to look dainty doing it. And it will look great with my blue mud boots. Did I just say that?

This is a style I can live in. I plan on perfecting some kind of tutorial so I can pass this darling skirt on to you. I'm thinking about some slight variations like a petticoat or this. I do believe I will keep the yoke style waist band but go for elastic instead of the zipper. Oh and this is another pretty thing I whipped up.

Would you believe me if I told you I made this from a table cloth, a sheet and a t-shirt?
Happy sewing folks!

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