Saturday, March 5, 2011

Magazines: My Personal Addiction


I can hardly control myself. There is just something about magazines. Their beautiful covers. Their smart headlines. Don't forget the beautiful glossy pictures. I can almost pin point the beginning of my love affair with magazines. I was on a family camping trip and I discovered while passing through Kentucky a magazine called Horse Illustrated*. I was a pre-teen that was crazy, crazy, crazy about horses. Here was a magazine dedicated to horses and you could get a new one every month. I paid for or was given as a gift that magazine... for years.

Just this week I was checking out at the self check out at our library and right next to the computers is a magazine rack with "sizzlers". Sizzlers are hot new library items. Well the same ploy that works in the supermarket works at the library. I had to add to my check out this months Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

How can you resist this cover. I think I will be tempted
to buy this one... sigh. Jackie just said I could have her
copy... it was given to her. Gosh free things are great!

I save my magazine time as a "treat" for myself after I have been productive. I can't wait to flip through each page and discover the wonders inside. Granted you subscribe to one magazine long enough and topics and even images start to repeat. That problem is easily solved however; you cease subscribing and find a new magazine to frequent!

The following is a general list of magazines I love to frequent:
Better Homes & Gardens
Country Living
Living Magazine (Martha Stewart)
Everyday Foods (Martha Stewart)
Weddings (Martha Stewart)
Eating Well
Hobby Farms
Organic Gardening
Mother Earth News
Urban Farms (This magazine needs to feature what is happening in Cleveland)
Mary Jane's Farm (I am in love with the pallet barn idea)

And many, many more. Don't worry. I don't really buy all these magazines at full price. You can fine great deals on subscriptions if you wait. Often 12 magazines for $12.00. One place to shop for great deals is Other options are your local thrift store, family members and friends who are throwing out their old ones, and the library (my local library sells a bundle of magazines for $1.00). I plan on using my abilities to find cheap magazines for Gary's birthday present in June. He has requested a Tractor magazine. The man is in love with tractors.

The best thing about magazines is they can be recycled or re-purposed. Collages, scrap and idea books, wall art, and beautiful things like this picture frame Color Story Design's Etsy shop.


Eventually all these magazines will be recycled or re-purposed. Gone the way of my years of Horse Illustrated magazine, but until then I will enjoy their beauty around my house awhile longer.

Lots of Martha Stewart magazines on this shelf.

As a graphic designer I used to pay a lot of money
for a creative magazine called Computer Arts.
I miss this magazine but I can't afford the price tag!

Everyday Food... yum!

More magazines!

A hodge podge of magazines.

More magazines....

Just bought for pocket change at the thrift store. They had boxes...

I just got Gary to hang this magazine rack. Oh yes.
We have hunting magazines and remodeling magazines.

*Horse Illustrated has tempted me again. I will be looking for it at my local library branch. It is celebrating 35 years and the covers look AMAZING (I am a sucker for a great layout and I really like the 35th year "logo"). I also noticed in this months article summaries on the Horse Illustrated web site that the long time editor Moira C. Reeve has passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. I am shocked. I loved reading her editor column and I am so sorry about her death. I pray her family finds comfort in this extremely difficult time.

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  1. Dear Lauren, I was just doing a search on my sister Moira and found your blog. Thank you so much for expressing sympathies for our family during that terrible time. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Moira's editorials. She always felt to fortunate that she could combine her two passions: writing and horses.

    All best to you,

    Adrienne Valencia (Moira's little sister)


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