Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Farm Dog

This dog was born and raised on a city lot and when we moved here to the farm we were worried how she would adjust. She's been awesome. As I watch her move from sunny spot to sunny spot throughout the house, I think of how good a fit she is for us.

Want to get to know her better?

Sairi's top six favorite things to do...
  1. Bask in the sun. She moves from window to window warming herself on the floor.
  2. Eat baby mice. It's gross I know but I suppose they are a delicacy for a dog. Think baby spinach.
  3. Let the baby torture her. Maybe she doesn't love this but she will not protest or move. Her fault.
  4. Yoga. You should see her downward facing dog. Really.
  5. Chase things. Bouncy balls, cats, roosters, deer... anything.
  6. Sleep in my laundry basket. Whenever I can't find here, this is where she is...

Sairi's top six things she hates
  1. Brooms. Enough said.
  2. Rain. Getting wet in general.
  3. Cars parked in the driveway. She won't bark at the person, oh no, just your car.
  4. Roosters. She will chase and threaten them. She is very protective of her hens.
  5. Intense Sun. In the summer, she roams from shady spot to shady spot all day...
  6. Dog food. Why doesn't she like HER food?
She has caught animal intruders, nurtured my babies, protected our home. This dog is an excellent pet for our family. Sairi, we love you!

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  1. did i mention that she smiles too... it's creepy


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