Thursday, February 24, 2011

One man's trash....

You have heard it before that one person's trash is another's treasure. Here is what that looks like at our house. It was as simple as two small bags given to a grandparent from a friend. We acquire a lot of stuff this way.

Who could have guessed that this seemingly unimpressive bag would provide a distraction to three boys who upon arriving home just minutes before were already begging for video games.

The surprise package included blow pens, stencils, a gross science kit, plenty of educational books to occupy the coffee table, and a gallon bag full of mini bubbles.

A few coloring books that probably date back from when I was a kid and a glitter gun (no idea what that is?) were kind of pushed to the side but I'm sure they will soon have their time in the spotlight.

Wow! You would have thought they won the lottery with all of their hoots and hollers.

It is such a thrill to watch kids open some well loved things and go crazy all over again. Kids don't care that the magazines are dated or the supplies are half gone. The excitement of something new is all it takes. Instant creativity. Immediate interest. Something to do on what would have been an uneventful Thursday evening.

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