Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Tomato Pizza Sauce

Did I ever tell you that I make and package a product called Pizza Topper. I know, the name is lame but the stuff inside the jar is good. It is a blend of nine organic herbs and spices that replace normal tomato sauce on your pizza. While the seasoning is specifically for those who follow the Blood Type Diet and can not eat tomatoes, just about everyone likes it. In our house, it serves as the all-purpose seasoning.

Friday's supper is always pizza at my house. Homemade. There is nothing like it. My youngest son will eat pizza no other way than with this seasoning. His pizza is also gluten free.

This started as a small favor I was doing for the family natural foods store but recently took a fun turn. The local Oven Fresh Pizza shop will be offering pizza with my Pizza Topper, upon request, or with a 24 hr notice for spelt pizza. I know its silly but it makes me feel a little bit special. So now if you live in the area and follow the blood type diet, there is a hot cheesy pizza just a phone call away.

I have also started offering larger sizes. Hmmm... those jars look exactly like my what I use for my drinking glasses? Yes, I know, very classy. I'm in the process of working on some new packaging... better labels.... and that name. Any ideas?


  1. I really want some of your pizza. Bring your yummy topper and I will find toppings... pizza Friday?

    Gary has been loving my BBQ pizza. Oh yummy.

  2. So do you sell this or have a recipe for it? I just found out I can't eat tomato based products and am searching for an alternative for pizza.


  3. Hi Sharon,

    Yes, Jackie does sell her pizza topper. Really and all around Italian seasoning. I know she will be in touch.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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