Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Chairs

My hubby was out driving to some store or destination and I got the call. I get these calls pretty frequently and I love them. But I know to keep my hopes in check... it could be trash or treasure.

There were two white wood rocking chairs in the trash. Did I want them? Yes! Why would someone throw those chairs out? I had visions of them in my head. Like the chairs that sit on the Cracker Barrel Restaurants porches. Hubby said he would pick them up if they were there on his way back. I sat on pins and needles. Someone would pick them up. I was sure of it. It had happen before. We saw something in the trash that we wanted and then it was gone. Bummer.

One time on the way to the horse barn years ago I had the truck. On the side of the road someone had thrown out a grill. The good kind with the cast iron lids. I whipped into the drive way and with a mighty heave threw it in the back of the truck. I was driven with the knowledge that if I waited for the hubby it would be gone in a flash. That grill got scrapped. We have made some decent "fun" money at times scrapping. I know it is an illegal activity to pick up people's garbage but we are saving the backs of the garbage men and women. Right?

Hubby called. I got them! Wow! Two white rocking chairs. Are they worth it? Sure are. Just one has a broken rocker. The seats and arms and other parts are weathered but solid and the hubby assures me the rocker can get fixed. Sweet! I am already dreaming of rocking in my rockers on a warm summer evening drinking iced lemonade. I would take a picture of them for you but they are safely locked in our garage with a broken garage door. You need a mighty man to lift that door with no springs so I will instead leave you with this beautiful rocker to look at. Such art and craftsmanship...


This picture is beautiful but it doesn't do justice to the artistry of this chair and it's mate. Check them out in detail. You won't be sorry.

The warm weather is coming... I can't wait!


  1. i LOVE todays quote. perfection. and i'd like to reserve a warm summer evening to rock in your new beautiful chairs...

  2. My favorite rocking chair came from my husband's grandfather's barn...old and hidden in the corner covered with layers of paint an a broken seat and rocker...now it is a piece of art stripped down to the original oak...ahh so relaxing to sit in and watch the chickens!


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